You know it has driven us since the beginning; this compulsion to take incredibly powerful technology and make it accessible, relevant and ultimately personal. We’ve designed a product so personal you don’t need to print it, watch it on Vimeo: you wear it on your wrist. Wearing the R-watch inspires the desire to reach an intimate level within our community.



Self expression as functionality


We know, that wearing something all day, every day, becomes as much about personal preferences and self expression as functionality. So we’ve designed one product that is both a watch ánd a jewel. But, personalization extends way beyond an interface. That is why our R-watch simultaneously functions as a bookmark, interior decoration or backscratcher.


Products that are updatable, are always one step behind. We don’t believe in updates, cables or software. We use the purest form of technology on a human level.


Unique Selling Points


The watch senses the subtlest touch on its screen. Welcomed by a spectacular special effect, you’ll see something that – while new – is somehow familiar. Using just one finger you are able to make nimble, precise adjustments. High-end touch technology allows you to quickly navigate between the essence of everything.








Creating beautiful objects that are as simple and pure as they are functional, well, that’s what has always been our goal at RAAR, I think we’re now at a compelling beginning; actually designing technology to be worn, truly personal and to be who you really are. Purple.




In limited edition of just only one-hundred watches. Available in every color; as long as its purple. You can own this incredible state of the art watch in a second…


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